So last night was the night I had been waiting for the whole week as I got to watch the new James Bond “Spectre”’, which had just come out this week.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m an absolute film fanatic, so I was so pumped to see what the new one would be like. 2015 had definitely been the year for epic spy movies with the year starting of with the excellent Kingsman : The secret service, the hilarious Spy and the outstanding Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation. The film starts off with an amazing visually spectacular opening scene, in Mexico City on the Day of the dead festival. Almost instantly Bond finds himself in an exciting foot chase through the hectic parades, and ends up in the sky’s fighting thugs while literally hanging out of a helicopter. Wow talk about how much action pact fights can you fit into the first 5 minutes of a film. These first scenes of the film sets the bar for the amount of action packed hair raising scenes to except throughout the rest of the film.


Bond embarks on his mission spanning all over different countries, his joined well reluctantly joined by Dr Madeleine Swann to help him untie a whirl of clues. Bond attempts to find out about the mystery behind a secret organisation named SPECTRE, to reveal the true nature of the organisation. Meanwhile back home in London Bond and the other characters may be out of a job, as a plan to enforce a worldwide surveillance organisation is looking to be into action.

The film is filled to the brim with adrenaline heart racing scenes, and is definitely a stamped mark British favourite which everyone has been looking forward to. But here it is my own opinion; I was definitely super excited to go and watch it as I absolutely love all the other Bond films and love how they all have a story behind them. I do love action films but I don’t know if it was me, but I don’t know if there was too much of an overload of action scenes. The film did seem slightly dragged out and felt that it could have got to places much quicker. Overall I LOVE Bond films, and did enjoy the film but there was certain elements which didn’t make it have the usual Bond WOW factor for me.

Rianne x



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