Beautiful scents of IIUVO




IIUVO- Woodgrain candle £50

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m obsessed with candles, and I do have my favourite brands which I am loyal to. But don’t tell anyone (Well tell everyone as I’m shouting it from the rooftops), I’ve just found my absolute new favourite. The name is IIUVO, the scents are amazing, and nothing I have smelt before even reaches close to the scents these come in. On top of this the fact that the packaging is of amazing quality and holds such a minimalistic but stunning design, just tops it all off.

Candles can make a room feel so cosy and warm, from the beautiful flicker of light to the orange flame, but everything makes the difference if the smell is unbelievable.

IIUVO candles are able to fill the room with scents that are able to drift you away to another world.  The woodgrain scent is absolutely beautiful, and happens to be my favourite candle of the moment. It evokes the scent of a subtle partnership of cardamom and nutmeg, and as excepted has a deep woody smell which can be such a comforting smell especially during the cold winter evenings.

I love the crisp white packaging, which has a matt finish which is great to give the design a modern edge. The overall concept which is explained in a cute note inside of each candle, is inspiring and as a real eye opener into the development of deign. The ethos of the brand is “Simplicity”, this is something which is clearly apparent within the design and authentic fragrances.

I think IIUVO candles would make a fantastic present for either a male or female, due to the scents and look of the candles standing as quite a unisex product. Even though the woodgrain scent is quite mature, I am only 21 and I absolutely love it, so I believe these candles have no age limit. Woodgrain is a great scent to be burnt all over the house; my chosen room is the bedroom!

Over and over again I find myself smelling the incredible scent that has lingered, ever so subtly through the rest of my home. Once you try these candles your once so loyal candle brand, will be a thing of the distant past.

(I cannot wait to try the other beautiful scents)

Rianne x



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