Lunch at the Palace



Photography: Kobby Adarkw

Today has been the first day we’ve seen the sun smile in a long time. The weather in London has been so murky; tell you the truth it’s been completely unforeseen for this time of the year. But this is Britain so what do we expect; the weather will always be unpredictable. I don’t mind the rain, (well I do) but my absolute pet pee is the blistery cold winds, which we have been having for the last few weeks.

But let me stop with the complaining, as the beautiful yellow sun has come out to shine its rays on us, and I’m really not looking to scare it away anytime soon. As the weather was so gorgeous today I knew I had to get out the house to soak it all in. I had a few bits and bobs I needed to sort out around the house and needed to do some errands, which were made enjoyable as the sun was out.

Days like this when the sun is shining, you could definitely call me an outdoors kinda gal. I cannot stand being stuck inside when the sun is out.

After completing my to-do-list of the day I found myself contemplating over where would be the ideal place to enjoy the rest of the day, I was relaxed, I was chilled so I knew it would have to be a lunch and relax in the park kinda day. Crystal Palace Park is one of my favourite parks and I have so many great memories spent there, you could say it’s one of my happy places. The park is absolutely gigantic with kids play areas, garden maze, more than one lake where you can hire pedal boats, remains of the original Crystal Palace and my most favourite feature the dinosaur park.

I laid out in the sun, read my book, then went for a stroll around the park’s beautiful grounds and had a great Chinese takeaway for lunch. As I was craving an extra spicy king prawn chow mein (another of my absolute favourites), whilst trying to save my food from a border collie who wished to have some. But besides the fight for my food loool, I had an absolutely amazing day. Days like this will be hopefully one of many more to come this summer 2016.


P.S. What I also love about crystal Palace park is the social events put on throughout the year, during summer they have a day of live music which is all centred on the amazing architectural outdoor stage. So have a look on the website.  What I have done is subscribed to get the up and coming news, which gets sent straight to your email.

I had a fabulous day and I hope everyone else was out enjoying the sun as much as I was.

Rianne x


White V neck body- ASOS

Camel safari shirt- H&M

White high waisted jeans- ASOS

Watch- Marc Jacobs

Oversized tortoise shell sunglasses-Missguided

Black handbag – Primark  

Black suede tassel espadrilles – ASOS   

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