Getting my smile back

I have always been someone who really disliked the way which my teeth looked in pictures, and it had been something I had over time become more and more extremely self conscious about. I began to become more worried about what people were thinking; slowly I began to conceal the growing problem with a sweet closed mouth smile. I would hate to take group photos where everyone would get told to “smile” as I would be the only one out of the group who didn’t have a lovely white smile on their face and this would always bother me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the school age of around 14 I did go to the orthodontist to have a consultation, at this age is usually the time when everyone does get there braces on as you are able to get them done with the NHS. So I went for a consultation and by the end of this I was told that the gaps which I do have, will gradually close together as I get older and it was not necessary to get braces. When I look back it would have been beneficial to go for a second consultation with another orthodontist, whom could have given me a second opinion.

Well the moral of that story is, that’s life I can sit here and say I should have done this or I should have done that, but now I am 21 years old and I’m still stuck with the same problem. The gaps between my teeth have not moved in the slightest, and are not looking to move anytime soon it seems.

So 2016 is here (I know its 6 months in lol!) and I’m looking to embrace me and be the person I want to be this year, I feel this can all start with boosting my confidence and fighting those insecurities of mine.

So as you’ve probably gathered, I’ve decided to get braces.

I started my treatment on May 28th at iDental, which is based in  Shepherds Bush West London. I had prior went to have my consultation a couple of months ago, which is just like any other consultation where the orthodontist can have a look at your teeth structure to see if the procedure would be suitable. Everything was A OKAY, and I got the go ahead.

I chose Invisible braces, which are exactly like original train track braces but everything is using clear plastic and the wire which is used is white. This is all in aim to be “invisible”, and to hardly be noticeable to others.  They took literally around 20 minutes to be fitted and there was no pain felt at all throughout the whole procedure, they look great and like the name says they are hardly visible and most people don’t even notice I have them on.

This is the most exciting thing which has happened for me in a long time, and I’m so happy to be on this journey to a perfect smile.

Rianne x


Braces copy

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