I’m a snackaholic



This month I had promised myself I need to get back into working out, even if that means doing a quick 30 minute workout in the mornings before taking on the rest of my day.  On top of trying to get back into working out (and yes the gym will be the next step guys!) I have really been interested in taking on a healthier lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who eats fatty food all the time, and even when going out to eat I don’t head straight for the burger and chips on the menu.   I do just prefer to cook and eat meals which some may see as being healthy meals, but for me these are just regular dishes, this could also be because of my upbringing and what my mum would cook when I was younger.

So for me I’ve noticed it’s the snacking throughout the day that does it for me, so recently I’ve been on the search to find snacks which are tasty but at the same time aren’t that bad for me.  I was in Holland and Barrett the other day, and decided to pick up two types of snack bars I guess you could call them. Number one was two different bars by Nākd, one was called Banana bread and the other was Pecan pie. Then I picked up two Bounce energy balls, which I was super excited about as I’ve heard so much about them.  I picked those up in Peanut protein blast and Coconut & macadamia protein bliss.

I have to say for me personally I did enjoy the bounce energy ball more, and that may be due to peanuts being my absolute favourite so that tasted delicious to me. With the Nākd bars they are more of a texture I feel I would need to get used to, and they were just a tad too sweet for me.

But defo have a try for yourselves, and let me know your thoughts or any other healthy snacks you would recommend.

Rianne x



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