The Liebster Award

I got my first blogging award I’m So excited, I cannot believe it! I would like to say thank you so much to Fun Fierce Mama for nominating me, so grateful. There are a few rules for accepting the nomination of the Liebster Award…  Say thank you to the blogger(s) who nominated you Answer the […]

How to be a Woman

I have just recently started reading this book by Caitlin Moran and let me tell you its bludy hilarious. The book is called “How to be a Woman”, I haven’t got too far with this book and I’m only about three chapters in. But I have never, read a book which has made me giggle […]


So last night was the night I had been waiting for the whole week as I got to watch the new James Bond “Spectre”’, which had just come out this week. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m an absolute film fanatic, so I was so pumped to see what the new one […]