Strolls around Barcelona

Early rises in Barcelona are so stunning; the beautiful city is gorgeous and makes even late risers like me want to jump right out of bed.

I have always heard of how beautiful Barcelona is, but until you experience it for yourself like I did you will truly understand the sheer “gorgeousness” of the city. A few weeks back I was lucky enough to have the chance to get a way for a week’s break with the lovely other half, to just enjoy ourselves and have a relaxing break. We stayed in this lovely modern boutique hotel Pestana Arena, which was located in Placa Espanya which is not quite in central Barcelona but is jut slightly further out but on their fantastic Metro line you, can get to and from Central Barcelona in just under 15 minutes. I have to say Barcelona’s metro line which is like are underground system here in London, is absolutely amazing its so fast and easy which makes it great for tourist who are looking to explore the city.

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Summer Wishes

So summers here, well kinda, it’s been on and off, with some weeks being more amazing than others.

Everyone is looking for things to do (the motives!), around working, so usually in the end many of us end up with not many days left to spend in the sun. Summer comes around and every year I make up this list in my head and give myself all these things which I would love to do. Then by the end I usually get a quarter done, if that.

So this summer I’ve told myself I have to make the absolute most of it, I have to do most of the things which I’ve always said I wanted to and things which are different that I wouldn’t usually do. So here it is my top things which I’m hoping to do and hope will help you too to get some ideas to make this summer the best one you’ve had so far.

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First blog post

So here we go. My first debut post on my brand new blog. I’m so excited.

I’m Rianne, in my twenties and absolutely loving life. Currently, I am an undergrad student and you know what, besides being an uni student I want to do something else in my life. I want to shake things up basically. So here it is. My own notebook (blog) where I can share with you lovelies out there, just about anything. Gorgeous recipes (for my fellow foodies out there like me), films, beauty, fashion and most importantly bringing you along with me on my travels.

Enough said. Happy reading.
Rianne x